About Us


BETANCOURT Ingenieros is a construction engineering consultancy with a history spanning more than fourteen years.

BETANCOURT Ingenieros has participated in the development of multiple projects and major works in recent years, in which grown significantly. It is possible to affirm that nowadays it occupies an outstanding position in diverse areas of its activity like the provision of services for the construction of Infrastructures of the Transport, Hydraulic Works, Environment, Urbanism, Building and Technical Services.

Innovation, commitment to quality and the environment and independence are its corporate values.
BETANCOURT Ingenieros has a team of professionals with extensive experience and various offices distributed throughout Spain and the South American continent. and proposes as a work method to offer the most efficient and innovative technological solutions to achieve the satisfaction of its clients.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the members of the company and the progressive growth of their turnover in the Spanish territory has led to the expansion of its activities in the global market thanks to a solid process of internationalization.