BETANCOURT Engenieers has extensive experience in the environmental area and water projects, having developed singular and significant construction contracts in Drafting Projects, Control and Vigilance, and Technical and Project Management.

At the international level, BETANCOURT Engenieers is part of the Euro Engineering Group consultant who studies the North of Chile Hydric Way.BETANCOURT Engenieers can provide service to customers in hydraulic, maritime and environment projects in all its aspects, including:

  • Hydrological planning
  • Projects and Preliminary designs of Hydraulic Works: Supply and Depuration of populations, modernization of irrigation, reservoirs and tanks, channeling, dams, desalination plants, ...
  • Environment: Wastewater Treatment Stations, Drinking Water Treatment Stations, Environmental Studies, ...
  • Maritime works: Planning, Design and technical assistance to maritime works (coastal and port).
  • Control, Technical Assistance and Project Management in Sanitation, Supply, WWTP, DWTP, Desalination Plants, Reservoirs, Dams, Channeling, hydroelectric plants ...
  • Reports and technical studies.