BETANCOURT Ingenieros understands its Corporate Social Responsibility as a strategic function, related to the sustainability and competitiveness of the company whose function is to create long-term value for society.

Thus, the basic premises that evidence the involvement of CSR in BETANCOURT Engineers are:

  • Responsible management of human resources, where the diversity of people and scenarios is considered a value.
  • Investment in R + D + i as an engine of competitiveness.
  • Quality and excellence as a principle to guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Transmission of securities to collaborators and suppliers.
  • Preserving diversity and nature.

    In this context, the mission of BETANCOURT Ingenieros is to offer technical and strategic consultancy services that allow our clients
    implement concrete solutions, framed in the prevention, the thought strategic long-term strategy and cutting-edge methodologies for Sustainability.