Información del Proyecto


The action consists in the execution of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant of Albuñol (Granada), as well as the necessary grouping for the transport of the different discharges from the municipality to it. The WWTP, designed for a population close to 15,000 equivalent inhabitants, is based on a biological process of activated sludge in prolonged aeration that includes a pre-treatment, with coarse grating, roughing and de-greasing / degreasing; two lines of biological treatment through oxidation channels with anoxic zone, and two secondary decanters. The plant is completed with the necessary facilities for the treatment of sludge produced and has a deodorization system to minimize emissions to the exterior.
The grouping of discharges required is made up of 3 pumping stations, 3 impulsion pipes and various connection sections of collectors that allow to elevate the discharges from the La Rábita and EL Pozuelo cores to the location of the WWTP. Discharges from the Albuñol and Los Castillas nucleus reach the plant by gravity through an elevated collector in its final section, which significantly reduces the energy consumption of the facility.