Información del Proyecto


The purpose of the construction project is to solve the problem of overlapping traffic that is experienced in the access to Mengibar, at the same time as providing the GEOLIT technology park with direct access to the A-44, for which the execution of a dumbbell link (diamond with roundabouts) around the overpass on the current A-6004 (primitive N-323, future variant of Mengibar A-6076).

The link will consist of two roundabouts (one on each side of the highway) that will be accessed by branches with an initial project speed of 80 km/h, which will gradually reduce to 40 km/h at the intersection with the roundabouts.

The underpass of the current A-6004 (original N-323) under the A-44 will be used as a link between the two roundabouts, and the intersection of the first with the N-323a will be modified with the formalization of a third roundabout that allows a fluid distribution of traffic and greater security for users.

Regarding the structures affected by the connection, the expansion of two precast reinforced concrete frames is proposed, as well as several precast fascias and fins.

With regard to drainage in the area of ​​the works, the execution of a network of gutters and transversal drainage passage works is proposed that lead the main runoff along the perimeter of the link, flowing into the Arroyo de los Mojones de San Pedro ( tributary of the Guadalbullón River).